To hold on tightly to.

I have come to a very important decision… i am done clinging to the past. 


Many a times we struggle to go on with our lives after facing a negative obstacle – when in actual fact, the very solution to us moving on… is Letting Go. I can be very open and share with you; that the person i was a few months ago was not a person you’d want to be around. The people i was surrounding myself with, and the environment i had put myself in was a total let down to everyone, especially myself. I don’t blame the people around me that lost respect for me… I lost the same amount of respect i had for myself. I just wanted to be accepted. My problem was that i wanted to be accepted by the wrong people. These people had changed me into a cheap, low life with no value or meaning to the world.

BUT i am a living, breathing, beautiful woman – that got a rude awakening. I came to my senses… i realised that these people aren’t going to be around forever. I do NOT have to be accepted by anyone. God has placed a spirit of acceptance in me… i know that i don’t need to be accepted by anyone EXCEPT HIM. I decided to move on… I have forgiven everyone that has hurt me and placed me in a box. I have stopped CLINGING to the past.

I am a completely different person since i have decided to leave the past behind. I have put other people’s feelings before my own, and realised that I’m not the only person with emotions and a conscience. I don’t owe anyone anything, and have also come to the realisation that no one owes me anything either. I am ready for what God has in-store for me, and what he wants to do with me. I am ready for change and I am ready to make a difference – No More Clinging. 

♥ We are here for something greater… i want to challenge you all to stop caring what the next person thinks about you…. Enough is enough. You need to stand up for what you want, not for what you think others expect from you.

“Live without pretending, Love without depending, Listen without defending, Speak without offending.” – Drake

I hope you all find the strength in our Good Lord, to get up and be the light unto the world. I highly encourage you to be the atmosphere changer… God has placed a spirit of discernment in each of us, and i pray that you use that quality everyday.

You are such a beautiful person. Shine bright my diamonds…. ♥



Ciao for now… xx